【2020SSコレクション "SPORTS" 先行予約受付開始!】



  • 向かって左側を(右手側を)4㎝程度長めにして短い方の上に重ねて交差させる。

    Keep the left side (your right) 2-3inches longer than the right. Swing the longer side over the shorter side.

  • 長い方をループに通してノットをつくる。

    Loop the longer side through the opening and pull snug.

  • ノットの後ろ側から出ている方を、蝶の形に折りたたむ。

    Take the side that is in the rear and form half a bow.

  • もう片方を、折りたたんだ側の上に重ね、

    Bring the other side to the front over that half bow. Pinch the half bow together and gently tug away from your body so that a little loop opens up behind the pinched center.

  • 前側を整えつつ、優しく後ろ側を引っ張る。

    Take the dangling piece in the middle and bring it up to the left rear. Gently push it bow first through the little loop in the back forming your second bow.

  • 両方の蝶部分を引っ張り、結び目、長さ、

    Grab both bows and give them a tug to pull the knot tight.Hold the knot in the middle tight and adjust the lengths of the bows and tips to the desired length and shape.